RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL, a Spanish company with Tax ID B28183911 and business address at Calle Fernán Caballero nº5, 11500 El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, registered in the Cadiz Companies Register, volume 910, folio 159, page CA-5610, hereby states the general terms and conditions (hereafter, “General Terms and Conditions”) governing the use of services on the website (hereafter, the “Website”) which RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL provides free of charge for guest users of the website.


Access to and use of this website confers the status of user (hereafter, the “User”) and implies full acceptance by the User of all the General Terms and Conditions as published by RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL at the time when the User accesses our Website. Consequently, Users must read carefully the General Terms and Conditions each time they wish to use our Website.

Also, the use of the Service is subject to additional notices, regulations, terms of use and instructions of which the Users are informed by ODISA, except where they contradict these General Terms and Conditions.

RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to the Website at any time and without previous notification to Users who fail to comply with these General Terms and Conditions or the applicable Specific Conditions.


The website and its services are free for all to access. However, RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL may impose conditions on the use of any of the Services and require the corresponding form to be completed.


3.1 – Statement by RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL and limited liability

This Website was created in good faith by RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL with information from sources in and outside RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL. However, no guarantee is issued regarding the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or updating of our Website in relation to a given activity undertaken by the User. Also, RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL does not monitor nor guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements when accessing our Website which might lead to alterations in the electronic documents and files stored in its computer system.

Therefore, RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL declines all liability for damage or loss of any kind arising from the Users’ use of the Website, its services or content.

RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL does not guarantee the availability and continuous functioning of its Website and/or its services. However, when reasonably possible, RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL will give advance warning of interruptions to the functioning of our Website and Services. In this context, RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL declines any liability for damage or loss of any kind arising from a lack of availability or continuous functioning of our Website and/or services.

3.2 – Correct use of Website content by the User

RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL declares that the industrial property rights (brands, trade names, etc.) which appear on this Website belong to it or companies in the Osborne Group and are used legitimately by virtue of usage agreements or permits, and are duly protected by the existing Industrial Property Regulations.

Users undertake to use the Website diligently, correctly, and legally, and in particular, to refrain from:

1. Deleting, eluding or manipulating the copyright, brands, and other identification of the rights of RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL or Osborne Group companies, or their titular owners, over the content and/or products commercialised via our Website,  and the technical protections, digital fingerprints, and any other information mechanisms that they may contain.

2. Using the content, and in particular, the information of any kind obtained via our Website to send advertising, communications for the purposes of direct sales or any other commercial purpose, or other unsolicited mass communications.

3. Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available or in any way publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the content, unless authorised by the owner of the corresponding rights, or if this is legally permitted.

4. In general, using the content for purposes against the law, generally accepted morals and behaviour, or public order.

RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL does not grant any licence or authorisation for use of any kind over its intellectual or industrial property rights or over any other property or right relating to the Website.

3.3 – Procedure in the case of breach of intellectual property rights

If any User or third party deems that any content on the Website violates their intellectual property rights, they must notify RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL, indicating fully and precisely their details, the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed, and the Website.


In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, the personal data protection act (LOPD), RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL informs users of the existence of a database of personal information created for and by RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL in order to inform users and provide the services of the Portal, and for promotional activities and advertising on any medium. This file is duly registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency. RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL may commission third parties to process such data under the terms of Article 12 of Law 15/99 for the purposes of compliance with requirements for the launch and development of the informational and promotional content of the Website, treating or processing the personal data supplied to it exclusively for the purpose of providing the services of the Portal.

Personal data are gathered in order to provide information services, improve the service, newsletters, advertising products and services, alerts, offers, and in general, commercial information in the interests of the company, relating to the goods and services offered through the Website. Personal data are not made available to third parties not announced on the Website, unless with the express authorisation of the User.

The User gives express, unambiguous and informed consent to his or her personal data being gathered and processed by RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL and/or a third party commissioned to process them, and gives express, unambiguous and informed consent to his or her personal data being ceded to all the companies in the Osborne Group.

At any time, the User may exercise the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the use of their personal data by emailing indicating their full name, ID number, and a clearly stated wish to stop receiving commercial communications or to withdraw from the service.


This Website was created in accordance with the existing law and the advertising code of practice current in Spain, and therefore is under the jurisdiction of Spanish law.

RESTAURADORA DE MESONES SL and the User expressly renounce all other jurisdictions and submit to the Courts of the city of Madrid for any dispute that might arise from the provision of services set forth in these General Terms and Conditions.